Saturday, 14 August 2010

Well We're Back!

We had a great time, and the weather was pretty good, just one bad day (we have even got a tan!). Well the tent stayed up and the car didn't break down, so no disasters this time. The traffic was really bad coming home, took over 7 hours! It was Friday the 13th. Anyway have to unpack the car and have loads of washing to do, so I will sort all that out then, I will get posting our photo's for you to share.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Car Packed And Ready To Go

Well the car is packed. and all I can say is it's a good job there's only to of us, as there is no more room for anyone else! Have sorted lots of outdoor activities and indoor (just in case). It doesn't have to be hot and sunny just dry will do, so we can get out and about. Must say last time we went down to Dorset we spent less than 24hrs there. Force 10 gale winds snapped the poles on the tent and everything was soaked so we had to come home, so dry and NO wind would be great. Also last year coming back from Cornwall the alternator went on the car, thank goodness for the AA. Anyway will share all, when we return. Hi De Hi campers!

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Dorset Route Planned

Well that's the route planned for Friday. It's rained today and looks set to rain most of the weekend, so packed the wellies and raincoats and we have wetsuits, we will just get on with it. Have looked for indoor activities if the weather is really bad, but hoping not to have to use them. "Be prepared" and all that, and I was never even a girl guide LOL. Tomorrow I have to try and get all the kit in the car, we have so much kit now, that we have had to buy a roof box. I will post some pics when we return home. TTFN

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Getting To Grips With Blogging

Well day two of blogging, I'm trying to get my page how I want it. Who says old dogs can't be taught new tricks. Really should be packing or birthday prepping, but hey ho there always tomorrow.