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Product Review - Karsten Inflatable Tents for Single Parent Camping

As many of you know I am a single mum.
What you don't know is once upon a time I was quite adventurous  ...

I have been on three camping treks through the states

As a single parent I find hotels, and holiday homes very isolating for myself and more so for Liam...

but I have always found the majority of people on campsites friendly ,
they are always up for a chat and the children mix well
and they get a little freedom which is not as easy at home.

So yes I am a single parent camper,
some friends say brave others stupid...
What do you think?

Well the first year we went to Dorset, in a cheap tent (I say cheap it still cost £100)...
I struggled to put the tent up with Liam as he was only 6 and couldn't hold the poles in the wind.
(we had a dry run at home in the garden but no wind)

Anyway we were there for less than twenty four hours, as force 10 gale winds cleared the campsite.
We returned to our tent to find it flattened,
the lovely people in the caravan had weighted it down so our wet clothes and camping kit didn't blow away.
As soon as we pulled up they ran out and helped me throw our soggy belongings in the car.
The East Fleet campsite owners  returned our money (god bless them)

How beautiful is this site!

The site owners rang to see if there was a B&B for the night, as they knew we were about 5 hours from home.
Anyway with Liam upset, our clothes soaked I decided to go home,
we were just about to leave and the last tent went down, so stayed to help these guys pack up.
(told you us campers are a friendly bunch!)

Then home we went :(

So Liam's first camping experience out of the back garden was a complete wash out!

but I didn't want it to end on a bad experience...

A good friend had told me about Karsten inflatable tents.

The Camping Travel Store is the only UK retailer
but they don't have a store they tour around the UK to show up to 10 combination of these tents so you can see how they can be adapted to your needs.

as you can see they look the bees knees,
and are not called the Rolls Royce of tents for nothing but they are an investment.

The canvas tents have large inflatable tubes instead of poles,
the inflate tubes as hard as the tyres on your car not lilo quality,
and are force 12 gale tested, SOLD!!!

but alas the money tree at the end of our garden was bare!

so set out to look for a secondhand one, well they were still out of my reach at half price...

Then at Christmas I had a call from a Karsten owner/ enthusiast  to say there was one for sale
and at a BARGAIN price!

It was 4/5 hours away, but so worth the trip to go get it.

Karsten tents are canvas and fantastic quality so even years old still look fab.
This one was four years old, hardly used, with ALL the extras.
and here she is, isn't she a beauty?
(and a real BARGAIN!!!)

The blue part is the inflatable part and we have awnings that zip onto the front.
and we couldn't camp without her!

It is camping at it's easiest...
peg four corners down
Inflate from car
zip on awnings
peg down

30 minutes little help and camp is set up!

see here (once on page scroll down to the bottom)

( he's just using a foot pump, far quicker using one attached to your car)

I have fellow campers thinking what a shame it's raining (good olde British summers eh), she has got to set up on her own...
I peg down, plug in and have a coffee in the car, how smug am I?

and it's a great ice breaker, people come and watch it going up, and going down
(even quicker take out valve, deflates in seconds, roll up and off I go)
and we even do tours of the inside, do pop in if you see us.
or go to one of Karsten Tour dates

The best part is as it comes in separate parts if we go for a weekend we just take the blue domed part,
and just use the beige awnings for longer trips.
(this is my dream set up, not there yet)
And you can buy extra extensions to add to the tent and the money grows on your money tree.
they come in various sizes and colours too,
fortunately I like the dark blue as it stays dark in the mornings,
I have an early bird this and the  fresh air he actually sleeps in.

The only negative thing I can say is..
it is takes up a lot of room and is heavy but canvas tents are and do
and how far are you going to carry it, you park your car next to your pitch anyway.

It is the best thing I have EVER bought, EVER!
and Liam loves camping,
"mum when you are to old to camp can I have the tent"
if that doesn't say it all!!!

Well what do you think, brave or stupid???



Please note that my opinions are my own and I am not paid for these reviews.

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