Sunday 14 November 2010


Easy pattern to make homemade Christmas school play / nativity costume.

This pattern is the base for Mary, Joseph, shepherds, kings and angels
and is so easy!!!

Well it's that time of the year again,
so here is my fail proof pattern for all nativity costumes from 2/3 metres of fabric (or an old sheet)

The only other measurements you need are:
Nape (bottom of neck) to ankle
wrist to wrist (when child is holding them out straight like pattern shape)

fold fabric in half
Pin pattern on fold (this save on sewing the shoulder seem)
cut the pattern out, (you should be able to place the cloth over your head like a poncho at this stage)
Hem / edge the hemline and sleeve hems
sew up both side seems
hem / edge neckline.


Smock as above in pale blue
long blue scarf wrapped over head
Cord (from haberdashers) tied at ends wrapped round waist twice and knotted to tie.


Smock in beige
and cord as for Mary
 a rectangle of fabric for the head and ribbon/ cord/elastic to keep it in place

To make a tunic to go over the top:
measure shoulder to shoulder 
and nape to 7cm above ankle
which gives you a rectangle pattern
cut an identical pattern and cut this in half up the long measurement
cut neck measurements as for smock

sew shoulder seams
and up the side seems all but 33cm from the shoulder seems
hem the hemline
edge armholes


As Joseph but in striped fabric
and a brown tunic

and here are the instructions for an easy make head dress, from a pillowcase!


Again as Joseph but in yellow / gold fabric
and gold tunic
a crown
and a collar (will come back to this)


As for Mary but in wait for it white!
wings (will come back to this)
halo (and this)
Gold cord around waist


Not furry but made from a hooded sweatshirt.
Cut the sleeves off and hem/edge armholes
cut 2 pairs of ears
pleat ears at centre
sew to top of hood


  1. Fabulous ... I have made my first shepherd fact my first ever clothing and it turned out great.

  2. Hi Clare
    so pleased...the sewing world is your oyster now!!! Vonnie X


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