Sunday, 23 September 2012

Willy Wonka Party Ideas

Here's some fantastic ideas for a Willy Wonka / Charlie and The Chocolate Factory party...

with lots of links for party printables to make your party scrumdiddleyumtous!!


Wonka Bars, (galaxy chocolate bar) with a golden ticket.
get your Printable Wonka Bar wrapper HERE

& your Golden Ticket Printable HERE


you can get your Wonka Envelope Printable HERE
attach to the front of a purple envelope  

& insert your Printable Golden Ticket from HERE


photo source
The party child could be Willy Wonka
but ask everyone else to come as Oompa Loompa's,  it will look fab

get your "Oompa Loompa's Only" sign HERE for your front door.

Ideas for other characters...
  Charlie Bucket, Mike TeeVee,
Violet Beauregarde, Augustus Gloop, Verruca Salt


Play songs from both movies

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory Soundtrack
Willy Wonka Soundtrack

 also add other candy related songs: 

Lollipop - The Chordettes
 I Want Candy - Bow Wow Wow
 Sugar, Sugar - The Archies
The Good Ship Lollipop - Shirley Temple


 a contract for the kids to sign,draped a "curtain" around it  and a quill feather
Once the kids entered the house, they had to sign the contract.
I obtained the exact wording and we typed up a contract and had it blown up to A1 at a local printers

large lollipops (about 3 feet tall) using pool noodles hot glued to dowels.

make large pieces of candy

you can either use colourful paper plates in cellophane
colourful paper lanterns from the pound store in cellophane

Get your "hsawaknow"  (Wonkawash spelt backwards) for the bathroom door HERE


Spray "Wonka Bars" on empty cardboard boxes.
get your "Wonka Bar" template / stencil HERE

Make a giant cardboard Wonka Bar instructions HERE

This Chocolate waterfall scenery is fab,
but you could just use a satin bed sheet gathered at the top and draped onto the floor.

Spray "Sugar Cane" on calico sacks (or white pillow cases) fill with paper
Get your "sugar Cane" template / stencil HERE



Hair Cream Printable Sign HERE



serve on (Mike) TV tray plates


SNOZZBERRIES (mixed berries)

a fizzy-lifting drink fountain - soda stream
fizzy lifting drinks - bubble machine

Get your Fizzy Lifting Drinks  Sign HERE

make your own Wonka's Never Melting Ice cream Sundae's
get your never melting ice cream sundae's sign HERE



Template for Chocolate Wonka "W"  cupcake topper HERE
Template for Chocolate Wonka Hat cupcake topper HERE


Tall top hat cookie cutter
oompa loompa cookies



Katy Perry's


Being as this party is very sweetie based I suggest prizes for games are non candy


  Bubble Gum Blowing Contest
Photo Opportunity

 Give everyone a sour bubble gum to compete.
blow up a pink balloon if the children are too younger for bubble gum

Gobstopper Hunt

 Hide wrapped jawbreakers all over the party area and give each child a sweetie bag to fill.
Announce that Mr. Slugworth has hidden all the Everlasting Gobstoppers
and that it's up to the kids to find them.
Whoever finds the most, wins.

Golden Egg-on-the-Spoon Relay

This is when all those cheap plastic eggs from Easter come in.
glue the two parts of the egg together and spray paint gold.

 Divide the kids into two teams.
Give the first player on each team a spoon and an egg
and have them walk as quickly as possible to another side area,
around the chair and back to the starting line, balancing the eggs on the spoons.
If players drop an egg, they have to start over. The team to finish first, wins!

Golden Egg Game

Inflate golden balloons and pop in some candy
each  child has to sit on their egg to pop it and get the candy.

Dress Grandpa Joe
Parent participation required

.  get together; canes, hats, scarves, coats,
oversize boots/ wellies and nightshirts in a big pile on the floor
Parents race to each pile of clothes and the kids dress them, then race to the front door.


Oompa Loompa Crazy Dress Race

 create two sets of similar clothes
 large brown long-sleeve shirts,
white shorts with braces
and a green wig.

 split into two equal teams.
the first players  put on the clothes as fast as possible,
run to the other side of the garden, around the chair, and back to their team.
They must take the clothes off and pass them to the next players in line.
The race continues until all the players have done their relay leg.
The team to finish first, wins!


Gumball Machine Corn Hole Game

Make a cone hole game you can find instructions HERE
Paint it to look like a gumball machine
Cut out 3 holes in the gumball machine among the other gumballs that were painted on
Make some simple bean bags that look like gumballs instructions HERE
The aim is to toss and  get the gumballs through the holes

Candy Making Room

Hand out plastic gloves and shower caps 
 make candy kebabs with lots gummy candy
peach rings,  Swedish fish, sour worms, gum drops, fruit slices, marshmallows.
 put the finished creations in plastic pretzel bags

The Augustus Gloop Race

in pairs they had to hold balloons on the stomach
 to the finish line and drop the balloon  in a basket
then run back to the next teammates
 until one team got all their balloons in their basket

Violet Beauregard Balloon Pop

inflate blue balloons
pop in a golden ticket in the balloon as well as fake ones
the child who pops the blueberry wich contans the golden ticket wins 

Gumball Guess

 where everyone (adults included) could guess how many gumballs were in the jar. 
The winner gets the jar of gumballs

Good Egg, Bad Egg

announce the good news that the goose had laid the golden eggs
each child gets to pick a golden egg (cheap plastic Easter eggs sprayed gold) out of a basket
all contained  notes inside 
one only said GOOD and the rest BAD
the child who found the GOOD egg wins

Mike Teevee Shootout

 use one of the tin can alley shooting gallery games just for fun

Fizzy Lifting Drink Ring Toss

used old pop bottles and embroidery hoops
get your fizzy lifting drinks labels HERE
 play this with the bubble machine going.

play guess the jelly belly flavor with the kids



Set up as the Candyman's Store everything in jars on shelves...


purchase a child's size purple top hat for each child 
this was their party favor "bag"...
to put their candy in from the Candyman.

Blue Bubble gum - they all turn to blue berries? - Printable bag topper HERE

everlasting gobstoppers - Printable tag HERE

GOLDEN EGGS - oodles of eggs from hotel chocolate - I want a golden egg NOW! HERE


Whipple-Scrumptious Fudge mallow Delight" bar


Oompa Loompa "will work for chocolate" Badges HERE

crazy drinking straw

Beach balls that look like giant gobstoppers,

Oompa Loompa Glass's

 Little champagne bottle bubbles that I wrapped with paper that said "Fizzy Lifting Bubbles"
Get your "fizzy Lifting Bubbles" labels HERE

I also gave each child a toothbrush to add to their goody bags.



MIKE TV Photo booth,
the TV would have to be a lot bigger but you get the idea!