Saturday, 18 December 2010


With snow promised for the end of this week again, it got  me thinking of snowmen.
 Snowmen Christmas part ideas to be exact.

celebration exchange


I love the colour for these etsy decorations
DIY Printable Snowman-Snowflake Collection-CUSTOMIZABLE
So cute!!!

Lots of paper snowflakes
This is a great site for snowflake patterns

Polystyrene balls for snowballs

I adore these snowman balloons

How adorable are these!


If there is snow outside you can build snowmen or snow forts.

but here are a couple of inside ideas for when they are cold.

Mitten mayhem

You will need lots of mittens for this game.
Play a Mitten Hunt by hiding the single mittens around the house and the kids have to find pairs.
Be sure to include spare mismatched mittens to add to the fun!

The Worlds fastest Snowman
(snowman building)

No snow needed!!!

use white bin / trash bags
and stick black foam eyes, mouth and buttons and orange foam nose onto the bags.
dress in hat, scarf etc.
and lots of newspaper.

Stuff your bags with paper and dress him for the cold
The first to build their snowman wins.


You could have two teams wrap an adult in loo paper
and paint the carrot on the face and stick buttons on instead.

Snowman Game

Between moms
You will need a felt tip pen, several large sheets of paper
(I use wallpaper lining paper as can be cut to any size and is cheap)
taped the the door/wall and a blind fold.

1. Close your eyes - and no peaking!
2. Draw the head of a snowman
3. Now draw the middle circle
4. Now draw the bottom circle
5. Give your snowman 2 eyes
6. He needs a nose
7. Now give him 2 arms
8. And 5 buttons marching down his front
9. Oh - he has to have a mouth
10. And you’d better give him a hat before he melts

· If the head and middle section are touching or overlapping - 5 pts.
· If the middle and bottom section are touching or overlapping - 5 pts.
· 5 pts. For each eye inside his head
· 5 pts. If his nose is inside his head
· 5 pt.s If his mouth is inside his head
· 5 pts. For each button that’s in the middle or bottom section
· If his arms are connected to his body, 5 points for each one
· 5 points if his hat is touching his head

Snowmen Cupcakes
Snowman cupcakes, so cute....
the eyes are M&Ms the nose is a section of an orange slice (found christmas time)

Cupcake picks
Snowman Cupcake Toppers

Snowman cookies.

tall snowmen drinking glasses
Snowman milk, the heads are doughnut holes with moulded icing features,
make the hole in the doughnuts with a skewer before pushing the straw through.

Divine Party concepts
Snowmen doughnuts

You can still buy the snowball marshmellow cakes at most stores.

and something to warm you through
Snowman stew, the snowmen are made from mashed potato's.
Individual portions would look great.
There's no recipe, just use your favourite (cottage pie, even)

I love the snowman stew. We still, even though Liam is now to old  (his words not mine) 
 have "smashed faces"
which are a plate of mash and we make faces with the veg (carrots, brocolli, peas etc)
and two sasauges are the lips.


Let me know what do you think?