Saturday, 1 January 2011


Each year Liam normally make me a special calendar.
I buy the slip in photo calendars and then he draws a picture for each months theme.....
but this year they haven't sold them :(

So I have had a look around but I am not taken with the massed produced ones.

I have had a look around the web and found some fabulous ideas.....

As you know I love our post it note Christmas Tree and I love this too!
A Post it note (sticky note) calendar (this is made on a notice board,
from real simple magazine.

This is fun with a capital F!
I would have to make them alittle longer under the date as I wouldn't want to write on my friends faces. LOL

Blackboard / chalkboard calendar
Daily Dot Chalkboard Wall Calendar - Vinyl Wall Decal
from etsy.
 This calendar wall decal incorporates a black / chalkboard vinyl that you can write on and erase.
It is applied directly to the wall.

Another blackboard calendar
This is paint onto the wall.
Just add different percentages of white paint to the blackboard paint to achieve the grey tones.

So cute snake

But don't think I could cope with all the lines from dates for appointments crossing over everything else.

We May adapt this to a long snake that goes across a long page and back again,
so I can just have arrows above and below the dates.

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