Thursday, 21 October 2010


We've been pretty busy lately, so I thought we would have some fun family time this weekend.

Being as Liam enjoyed the chocolate games whilst camping, (and to breath abit of new life into the board games stuffed in the cupboard). I am going to try it at home.

Mmmm yum yum, but what to choose....






You can buy ready made chocolate sets or buy a mould and make them yourself.


I have stuck these free printable poker chips on the chocolate coins
 (you can use elizabeth shaw chocolate mints if you can't find chocolate coins)

free mouse bookmarkfree mouse bookmarkfree mouse bookmarkfree mouse bookmarkfree mouse bookmark

JELLY BEAN MANCALA (I know it's not chocolate but still fun)

I wonder if we could play chocolate Jenga with kit kats???
We will give it ago, and let you know.

I think we may feel alittle ill on Saturday night. LOL

Our favourite chocolate party games....


You will need:

A large bar of chocolate
A plate
A knife and fork
A hat, scarf and gloves
Two dice

How to play:

Put the bar of chocolate on the plate with the knives and forks nearby and sit the children around it in a circle. Put the hat scarf and gloves in the middle.

Children take it in turns to roll the dice on the floor in front of them, passing them around the circle to their left. If a child rolls a double, they leap into the center of the circle, put on the dressing up clothes, and start to unwrap, then eat, the bar of chocolate - but only using the knife and fork. That child keeps going until another child rolls a double, at which point they mu co-operate in handing over the dressing up clothes so that the next child gets a turn.

We even play it at Halloween with scary hands and mask.


This game can get very rowdy as doubles sometimes come thick and fast! Be prepared the change the rules if nobody is getting a chance to eat any chocolate, perhaps using only double 3, double 4, and double 5.

If you have a particularly large group of children, you might be better off having two sets of dice going round the circle (starting opposite each other) at the same time. If you do, you might want to limit "winning" doubles to double 5 and double 6.

Have a spare bar of chocolate or two on hand.


You need:
strawberry liquorice laces
large marshmallows

You need to make a hole in the marshmallows and thread them onto a lace.
Alittle fiddly but don't try to be careful and the marshmallows stretch well.

One child holds an end of the lace in their mouth so the lace is tight (not saggy)
Make sure the marshmallow is in the middle and explain the lace has to stay tight
then on GO they have to eat their way (no hands!!) to the marshmallow
the one who eats the marshmallow first wins.

It is so funny, especially if it's a boy and girl a=on each end and they are 8. LOL


Best played outside, as very messy!

You need:
2 large trays
2 small buckets
2 bags of flour
plastic knife
*several homemade large chocolate circles

Place trays on table and make flour sandcastles
place the chocolate circles on top
Get the child to carefully cut away a slice from the side of the sandcastle
If the castle falls the child has to pick the chocolate circle up with their mouth only (hands behind their back)

Chocolate Circles
Are just melted chocolate into small cookie size shapes.
Make sure you have lots.
I added dolly mixtures, M&M's and other sweeties whilst the chocolate was melted.
I must have made them too nice and they ended up knocking it over on purpose. LOL

If you have any other SWEET / CHOCOLATE  games, send them to me and I will include them.

Have fun with your family!!!

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