Sunday, 3 October 2010


Here's a fab way to kick start the Halloween season of alittle early.
We had great fun sneaking round to family and friends homes, to spring our sweet surprise on them.
And their response was fantasic, trying to guess who had Boo-ed them.

Casper The Friendly Ghost

Right you need send two sets of prints out (we send about five to get things going)
you send a poem flyer (which explains what they need to do next)
 and a poster for them to put up in their window, so people know they have been boo-ed
With a small Halloween neat or sweet treat for the child.

This is last years.
Actually looking at the photo it looks like we sent more like ten not five. LOL
I just get carried away in all the excitement.

Which was really easy for Liam to do.
But this year I want a go myself,
so I am going to try out these fab designs from

But if you need a simple design you can just photo copy try this one from
Sara Stars

Halloween Boo Treats

Both are free to download for personal use.

Then after you have delivered these see how may pop up around the nieghbourhood!

Have fun with your family!!!

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