Tuesday, 5 October 2010


I thought  as it is Children's Book Week (4th-10th Oct)I would share another one of our favourite pastimes from when Liam was younger.


A story sack is a cloth bag containing a favourite children's book
with associated games and activities in the bag.

Look here to get the best use out of your story sack
Sorry but you will have to cut and past, as the link wont work.

We made our first one based on one of our favourites when Liam was little:


Front cover

First we got a sack, a pump bag will be fine.
Decorated this with a felt picture of the hungry caterpillar.

We read through the book and found the main characters and highlights and features of the book.

(The time is here to get your thinking caps on and find / make toys, games, and activities that you can use to use when reading the story and for activities to do after reading the book.)

We made bunting,
 I photocopied the butterfly from the book onto card
stuck this to the end of a length bright red ribbon
on the other end of the ribbon,  the caterpillar (a straight picture of the caterpillar)
Then I printed a picture of everything the caterpillar ate
I made hole in each one that was big enough for Liam to feed the caterpillar through each piece of food.

Also two small copies each of a caterpillar, butterfly and everything he ate, and played matching pairs.

I found some printable colouring pages from here                  .

Also I found the life cycle of the caterpillar printable book here.

There are also some lovely ideas on this website

And we had a caterpillar cuddly toy, which came with Liam's book.

He loved reading the book then playing with the things in the story sack.

Have fun with your family!!!

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