Sunday, 30 January 2011


I absolutely adore these personal photo Valentine gifts ideas.....

check out the rest, they get better...

You just need to take a photo of your child with there hand out forward and slightly upwards
like the are holding the lolly / sucker
then make a small slit at the top and bottom off their hand ton the photo to slide the lolly through.

If using a larger sized adult pic of yourself you could pop a rose in the slits instead.


Great minds and ideas.....
just found someone very talented has already done the rose idea to a very high standard.

Love the idea of holding other roses in the actual photo, very clever!!!

another sucker idea

a conversation heart  candy/ love heart sweet idea, SWEET!!!

Love all three of your ideas!!!

Martha Stewart

We're Crazy For You!

My favourite!

He is just adorable!

So typical of a boy LOL

.....but alas my 9 and a half (can't forget the half LOL) wouldn't pose for me,
 "he's too old, it's embarrassing!" sad eh!

But doesn't mean I can't share these with you guys.

Have a fun family Valentines Day!!!


  1. Hi Yvonne

    I am planning an Easter Egg hunt for around 25 kids of all ages. Would LOVE your ideas on what I could do to make it extra special.

    Your blog? It is your random act of kindness? My twins are 19 months old, and I am like you a single mum. I cant wait to share all your wonderful ideas with them as they grow. THANK YOU! kris in Australia

  2. Hi Kris, your so sweet. I have had a bit of a tough weekend and your comments lifted me. It's hardwork work with one child so you are doing fabulous with 19mth twins!!!
    As for Easter it's on it's way, just have to finished pulling together a Alice in Wonderland party for a friend and then it's Easter all the way, so bare with me. XXX


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