Tuesday, 12 July 2011


We are having some friends around for ice cream as the weather has been so warm again.

It's a quick, fuss free way to enjoy friends company without all the chaos of making dinner for everyone.

I have invited them round for about 6.30pm so they can have diner at home and come to us for dessert.

I have wafer and waffle cones,
some I will dip into melted chocolate then into the sprinkles...

I have vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, mint choc chip ice creams.
lots n lots of sprinkles, sauces and sweeties for toppings.

To make things alot easier I pre-scoop the ice cream balls
place them in a cupcake case in a tray

then placed the ice cream balls (of the same flavour) in a large bowl on everyone's arrival.

So not to make a mess on the table when scooping out for everyone.

Free printable ice cream party labels:

Feel free to right click,save and print away. (I always print on photo quality setting for a much clearer image)

Hopefully will weather will stay nice and we will have a 'cool' night!!!

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