Saturday, 25 September 2010


"So why not get everyone at home drawing.
It doesn't have to be a masterpiece, how about a game of pictionary or some sidewalk (chalk) art.
You could even buy some wallpaper lining and stick it to the lower part of your wall and let the kids create their own mural.
Or there's always the portraits sitting you could do your own or each others, see what your children really think you look like. Be warned these are not always favourable, but good fun

Checkout THE BIG DRAW WEBSITE for ideas.
Also check your local area as there are many things organised over the country, that you can join in.

My son was convinced he couldn't draw, then I bought him this book and he realised his pictures didn't have
to be perfect. Quinton Blake is a good example of this.
Also there are a good range of Klutz learn to draw books.

Have fun with your family!!!


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