Sunday, 14 November 2010


Time to start thinking about your advent calenders, so here are a few for inspiration....

Oh oh oh, how cute is this....
Made from a hanging shoe organiser
and the pages of "The Grinch" story book in each days pocket with the date
and the grinch moves pockets each day
AND a little prezzie each day!!!
Grinch Advent calendar

What about using others books like:
The Nutcracker
A Charlie Brown Christmas

Just scan the page to your computer and resize to fit the pockets,
(numbers on side and the story page on the other)
Oh I wish Liam didn't have to grow up, this is super cute!

 and some other lovely designs.....

type drawer advent calendar

from here

Design Mom

Gingerpaper Advent Calendar
paper source

from  here

We were are going to try this one
Alittle like the putz houses.

I have posted this again as I have so much on my plate at the moment 
I have had to change my plans and decided to make this instead.
The jars three for a £1 (poundland) 
chipboard numbers from hobby craft
and tags homemade and red stickers numbers.

Why not theme the contents of your advent calender, say.....
one piece of a 24 piece lego kit a day and the instructions on Christmas Eve
one bead a day and the cord on Christmas Eve
or one piece of a jigsaw
You get the idea so go for it!!!

Here's some more ideas....

made from an old large picture frame and covered boxes from here Wow!

the little buckets are available from Hobbycraft idea from here

 You'll find some great free advent printable tags here.

These  free printable advent calender numbers could be used in dozens of different ways.
Fill the envelopes with I O U vouchers for:
A family movie night
A family games night
A bike ride
from here

Pattern from here

Also check out Christmas santa sacks!!!

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