Sunday, 24 April 2011

DIY Cow Hide Milk Bottles

I have just finished making these.....DIY

great for a farm / cow party.

but just as cute for milk and cookies after school snack!!!

I think they are adorable, and so cheap and easy to make.....
milk bottles,
 cut cow patches from black stickey backed plastic (fablon)
(or you lucky people can use your silhouette machine)
and stick them on,

.....white just milk

with chocolate milk.....

and with strawberry milk.....
(pink didn't show up to well, sorry)

The bells on ribbons were saved from some small Lindt chocolate bunnies.

I think they are really cute..... if i do say so myself!!!!
more on the farm party here.

Have fun with your family!!!
(even at snack time)




Let me know what do you think?