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Well I don't think it's Christmas until we've watched
The Wizard Of Oz

So that's what we have done this afternoon.
And now my head is spinning with party ideas.

Just look at this stunning Wizard of Oz party table...





Of course there has to be the.....
ruby slippers
but don't worry if you don't have glittery shoes
find and old pair of shoes / pumps and cover in glue and red glitter

You could make a blue no sew tutu
instructions available on this blog here
and wear with a white t-shirt

Make each girl a gingham bow hair clip.
Dorothy Wizard of Oz Blue and White Gingham Print Old School Hairbow Barrette Big Large Hair Bow

Boys can come as munchkins / The Lollipop Guild.

roughly cut up old trousers
white t-shirt
Long stripey socks  (like to see me try get them on my son LOL)
and braces would look good.....
gel their hair to a quiff.....

and don't forget large cardboard lollipop!


as the tin man, the scarecrow or the lion.

I know these are not kiddies...

photo source
but I just wanted to show you, there's no need to buy an expensive costume.
You can interpret it anyway you choose!


Make a bell out of order sign for the front door

A Rainbow Balloon Arch, can be expensive

but these are link-o-loons, so you can do it yourself
They have a long tail so you can tie them together at both ends.

Scarecrow and he Tin man imprintables 
I know these are fab and maybe out of reach to you and me
but they are to get your ideas flowing.....

I love the heart ballons on sticks, and the sunflowers!!!

Make your own tin man...

go to Worth The Whisk for instructions to make your own tin can man

The Lollipop Guild

Lots of Lollipops

print the lollipops, string together to make bunting...

I LOVE this metled witch idea...
the inspired apple

The witches legs under the house by the front door.
black and white stripey tights (stuffed with newspaper) and the ruby slippers.
make them look like they are coming from under the house.


birthday ideas

Introduce yourself as Glinda, the Good Witch. "Dorothy,
 "It's wonderful that all you munchkins have come to help celebrate Dorothy's birthday,
but how will we get them HOME?
 Maybe we should go to OZ and ask the WIZARD to help."

Lead them around to the back yard, singing "we off to see the wizard"
 where you discover... A Tin Man!
Sign saying "I haven't got a heart"
ask the munchkins to help

Then move around the garden to a sign surround by sunflowers
saying "I haven't got a brain"
Ask the munchkins to help put the scarecrow back together again.

The journey to OZ continued.
Next,  walk to another part of the yard and the children were warned to be careful.
   after all, your in the deep dark forest.
They were told that The Wicked Witch of the West had hidden poppies which would put them to sleep, thereby preventing their arrival at OZ.
(Earlier hide hidden small, red poppies)
 As they searched for the hidden 'poppies', little did they suspect,
that the Wicked Witch herself was lurking nearby.
 persuade a friend to play the part.
Costumed and green-faced, she ran from her hiding place shouting
"Who's stealing MY poppies!?"
 the kids ran screaming back around to the front door.

  A new sign was now on the front door.
 It read, "EMERALD CITY".
"Dorothy", I said. "Knock on the door and see if they will let us see the Wizard.
We've simply got to get these kids HOME."
The birthday girl did just that, only to find herself face-to-face with the brusque gatekeeper of OZ
(my friends husband wrapped in a green cape.).....

 "NO ONE SEES THE GREAT OZ, NO ONE!", he shouted.
The kids were playing their parts by this time. "Please let us in," they begged.
 "But sir," I protested, she's wearing The Ruby Slippers!"
"Well why didn't you say so... Come on in!" said the gatekeeper.
To the utter delight of the children, the dining room was transformed to the Emerald City...
 green tablecloth, green balloons etc

When they are almost finished
The the great Oz says in a booming voice, (I bounding into the dining room and thundered,)
You should have their attention with this....
  "Dorothy, am I to help get these children home?
Well, just HOW have your kids PROVEN yourselves on this Magical Birthday Adventure?"
  assisted with their answers.
"Let's see.. you've proven you are kind by giving the Tin Man a Heart.
You've proven you are resourceful by supplying the Scarecrow with a diploma.
And you've proven you are brave by confronting the Wicked Witch in the deep, dark forest.
But did everyone win a prize along the way?" Several of the kids shook their heads.

  lead them the yellow brick road on.
(I used wide, yellow crepe paper, black tape, and a wide black felt marker.)
The road made an oval and was petitioned off in sections, each bearing a number.
Playing "Follow the Yellow Brick Road"
We played a sort of standing musical chairsAnyone who had not yet won a prize miraculously landed on a prize-winning number when the music stopped.

Still in character as the Wizard I said,
" Dorothy, I will help you send your friends home. But YOU had the secret all the time.
Stand in the centre of the Yellow Brick Road and tap your Ruby Slippers together 3 times.
Come on kids, help her.
" Everyone chanted "There's no place like home, there's no place like home."
And then...  HOME THEY WENT!


Find and Build A scarecrow
In this game kids must first search for the items needed to build a scarecrow and then build the scarecrow to complete the challenge.

Divide your back yard into two sections by yellow tape (maybe 2 rooms or a basement if inside). Before your party, get together 2 sets of 6-10 items that can be used to build a scarecrow. Sample items: Hat, corn stalks, jeans, string...  Also make a rolled up diploma to give to the completed scarecrow, to signify he has a brain.

Now hide these items in order to make a scarecrow around each half (one side for each team). For small children you may want to play this game during the day and to make the game harder play it at night. When playing at night send out team members with a pumpkin with a pumpkin light or a candle inside), have one person from each team (starting at same time) go on a hunt to find one item. Once that person returns with an item the next person from the team is then sent out and so on until all the items are found.

After all items are found, the team has to be creative and construct a scarecrow, using all items. The team that finishes their scarecrow first, wins.

Pin the heart on The Tin Man
 Print the tin man on card
cut out red hearst and place blue tak on the backs
Put each child's name on a heart
and glue one onto the tin man for them to get theirs on top of.
Sleeping lions

Munchkins Treasure trail
Hide numbered clip art images of lollipops around the garden

Each with a letter on it from "somewhere over the rainbow"
they write the letter next to the number on a sheet of paper
then they have to unscramble the letters to work out what it says.

Witches hat Hoopla

Make a green version for the centre piece

 photo source
 tinman cupcakes, so cute...

The Lollipop Guild cupcakes...
munchkin munchies


I love these poppy cake pops

Sprinkle edible glitter on the icing before it dries.

melting witch cookies...
phot source 

The Lollipop Guild cookies...

Here's the WOW cake!!!

Somewhere over the rainbow

A small basket, gingham napkin liner.
Toto, courage certificate and medal
Ruby slipper
I would use glittered card no digital printed glitter card.

or make the bad witch's shoes
Doxie Mel Designs

lovely candy apples

Hot air balloon lollipops /suckers from here
HOT AIR BALLOON Crystal Barley Candy LOLLIPOPS - 10 Gourmet Pops

Now THIS is my kind of favor...
a melted witch
aren't they adorable?
I will have to make a different bag topper (so call back soon)
but for full tutorial on making these go to Confessions of a Cookbook Queen


How cute is this!!!


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