Monday, 14 March 2011


Every year we have an Easter trail / hunt of some kind...

This one is very inexpensive and really quick and easy to make.

I have made several of these in different styles for friends...

Each set cost around £5 to make.
everything but the pegs where from Hobbycrafts Easter range.
With careful cutting I covered 20 pegs from one packet of self adhesive ribbon.
the wooden embelishments came with stickey dots on the back.
(see Itold you it was easy, and no mess either)
It took about 10 minutes per set!!!

I have printed and laminated some Easter egg clip art for the clues.

choose your words "somewhere in the garden"
then in permenant marker put one letter from the above on each egg
and peg them around your home and garden

Once they find a clue bring it back to a table
 for them to unscramble the letters to work out where their Easter goodies are.

To make it alittle harder for older ones
write numbers on the eggs
and have them work out what the letters are first
then unscramble them for the answer.

I think the pegs would look fab on a memo board also???

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