Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Hi have been asked for some barnyard / farm party ideas
(hope there are some ideas you can use Kris X)
so here goes...


These are so cute!!!

barn invites by Lisa Cressey here

Jeans, a white t-shirt and give them a bandana on arrival
job done!!!


hay bales

 Cut bandanas in half and knot them together at the corners in a long chain
 to make bandana bunting in red and navy.


Check out how i made these cow hide / print bottles here

They look adorable with white, strawberry and chocolate milk!!!
and soooo easy to make to!


These FABULOUS cupcakes fromDomestic Goddess
would just make the party table on their own

Someone is very talented!!!


Just look at this birthday cake!!!


Have a Bean Bag Egg Toss.

the object of this game is to toss the eggs into the chicken's nest.

(See egg and spoon race below for egg bean bags)

To make the chicken's nest, glue
 an enlarged clip art picture of a chicken onto board.

Prop it up in a basket with no handle
and Bobs your Uncle!


rubber eggs thrown into a bucket

Egg and spoon race

We have this set from the Early Learning Centre

but the eggs would be so easy to make yourself.

Here's a NO SEW version

To make bean bag eggs very easily with some white and yellow felt, dried beans and a glue gun.

Cut the white felt into egg shapes (one pair),
hot glue the two pieces together (leaving a hole at the top),
glue on the round yellow yolk pieces
 fill with beans
 glue gun to seal the eggs
and that's all there is too it!

Egg Relay Race
hold the rubber egg under your chin
run across the garden and back
and pass to the next person in your team with NO HANDS

ok enough with egg games!!!

A Welly Wanging Competion

photo source

Set a wanging line

Stand behind the line and launch your welly
an umpire then needs to replace the landed welly with the player’s marker
Each player gets three wangs and the longest is taken as the winner’s distance
The winner is the one who throws their welly the furthest.

I am not sure if this is done elsewhere in the world but it's just a throwing game.
google "welly wanging" and take a look a the images

Tractor (tyre) tipping

If your lucky enough for someone to lend a couple of tyres
you could use the inflatable pool tyres

See who can get to the other side of the garden first by flipping the tyre over and over


you could just roll them

Feed The Pig

bucket and ball game


Hook A Duck Game

Ring The Bull

again this can be a cardboard cut out stood in a shallow box
and tape some thin rope into rings for the hoops
(embroidery hoops also work well)

Horse shoes's Game

Ride on Tractors

Coconut Shy

place coconuts on small milk churns
I found some small ones in the toiletries section in store, they had bath salts in.

Hobby Horse Race

The hobby horse is made from a stick and sock!!!
here is emma bradshaws, isn't it lovely

There are really great instructions on how to make your own,
with an easy to follow photo tutorial
 on Red Teds Art Blog

Pin The Tail On The Donkey

Duck, Duck, Goose!

This classic game would be a perfect activity for a barnyard party!

Apple Bobbing

photo source

A Needle in a Hay Stack

have a huge pile of hay and hide barn yard / farm toys in it
and have them find everyting on the list
the bigger the stack the bigger the fun
they will love crawling throught the hay.

sorry seems the next part seems to have gone astray will sort out ASAP.










  1. Hi Hun just popped by for a peek.looking good
    Sue xxx

  2. Thanks Sue, watch this space I have the lilac card from your shop coming soon! X


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