Sunday, 26 September 2010


Well it's here guys CONKER SEASON,
so get outside in your local parks and find your winner.

A conker is the seed of the horse chestnut tree.

When you find your first one call out
"Oddly oddly onker my first conker".
This ensures good fortune and few tangles throughout the coming season.

 Prepare your conker for playing.

The best conkers to play with are uncracked and  firm. 
Make a hole through the middle of of your chosen conker.
Thread a strong piece of string about 25cm long, through the hole and tie a knot at one end.

How to play conkers.

Players take turns at hitting their opponent's conker.
If you are the one whose conker is to be hit first, wrap the string around your hand and let the conker hang down.
The conker is held at the height your opponent chooses and is held perfectly still.

Your opponent, the striker, wraps his conker string round his hand just like yours.
He then takes his conker in the other hand and draws it back for the strike. Releasing the conker he swings it down by the string held in the other hand and tries to hit your conker with his.

If a player misses hitting his/her opponents conker they are allowed up to two further goes.

If the strings tangle, the first player to call "strings" gets an extra shot.

If a player hits his/her opponents conker in such a way that it completes a whole circle after being hit - known as ‘round the world’ – the player gets another go.

If a player drops his conker, or it is knocked out of his hand the other player can shout 'stamps' and jump on it, but should its owner first cry 'no stamps' then the conker, hopefully, remains intact.
(You may want to omit this rule LOL)

The game goes on in turns until one or other of the two conkers is completely destroyed.


The National championships are held on the second Sunday in October every year, in Oundle, Northamptonshire.
As you can see from these photo's they take it very seriously. LOL

Conker wreath (threaded onto a wire ring)

Have fun with your family.

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