Monday, 18 October 2010


  Here's some pics of this years Boo's

Great way to get the pre Halloween party excitement going.

See here for free printable boo posters.

 The chocolates wer 89p for 18 from Aldi.

And the stickers from Poundland.

Double layered bags.

I tucked and taped the corners of the bag to make it wider for a larger bags of treats.

The skull and cross bones sticker was a sheet for 29p from Home bargains.

My 9 year old son still has great fun delivering these.
I think it is the knocking on the door and running away, he thinks it's naughty. LOL

So I thought I would Boo him and here's his Boo Bag....
I found out that sticking the chocolates to a card worked better as they dont move around.


Have fun with your family!!!

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