Saturday, 26 March 2011


Have Liam's friend that is a girl (got to get it right! lol) over next weekend
I have been promising her and her mother that we would do salt dough (they have never done it!!!)

so have been looking for some cute Easter ideas,
check these out...

I just adore these easter salt dough ornies from
Cobble Stone Farm

We've made them several times now,

and these easter eggs and carrots

from painting thyme needfuls
and she know just how to display them.

These feature on tiny tots are fab

from tiny tots

made using cookie / shortbread moulds (molds) from the US

they are divine!!!

created by using lots of different moulds molds including cookie molds and short bread moulds
wilton cookie mold
from vintage wilton moulds but you can find new similare ones
wilton molds

Love them, Love them, Love them!

rycroft cookie stamps
using vintage cookie stamps
ryecraft cookie stamps
salt dough using copper mold
in fact anything with an imprint works!!!

I'm sure you know it but here's the recipe, just in case.

2 cups all purpose flour

1 cup salt
mix well
add 1 cup warm water

 Shape the dough with your hands or use cookie cutters

Have fun with your family!!!

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