Saturday, 26 March 2011


I have been having a massive clear out this week,
 I am very sentimental, but we have a house full of memories.

I have saved lots of Liam's drawings, they drive me mad but I can't bring myself to through them out.

So I had a light bulb moment, I have scanned them all into the computer
 saved then to a memory card so I can view them on our digital photo frame.

we can see them all, all the time!!!
(then I packed up the drawing and popped them in the loft, so still couldn't get rid of them, Doh!)

Anyway here are the other ideas I came up with to use your children's art work...

I also love the idea of scanning several favourite pieces
reducing them to miniature works of art and displaying them all together in a large frame


A more expensive option is...
there are companies out there that can reproduce any drawinf into jewellery

but my absolute favourite is Lizette Greco has some fabulous examples...

Doorstops or just sit a row on a shelf...


a treasure map or it could be used as a table mat..

or just a soft toy...

You could also scan the picture copy and paste and turn it into wrapping paper...

embroider it onto towels, bedding, cushions or clothing..

have it printed onto a t-shirt, cushion or canvas bag...

reproduce the drawing onto cups and plates...

anyway as you can see I am a sentimental old fool! LOL

Have fun with your family!!!

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