Friday, 5 November 2010


This is a fabulous fully animated website for your kids to put on their own pantomime, for Christmas.

You can chose from the following:
Peter Pan
Snow White

It gives you:
 the script - to practice 
costume ideas - downloadable instructions for you to make.
prop ideas - again downloadable ideas for your set.

poster - which you can up load the children's faces onto, cute or what.

practice auto cue - so everyone can practice at home.

Why not send the script and costume ideas (at the beginning of December) to family and friends children that are coming to yours over the Christmas holidays (maybe for the Christmas Present Swapping Party)

For an even bigger surprise why not let the adults put it on for the children.
Dad in a dress is always funny!!!

Get your camcorders ready and let the show begin,
 it's better than any you pay to go and see, mistakes and all.

Remember don't take it too seriously, who cares if they're reading the script, just have fun with it!!!

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