Thursday, 27 January 2011


This is a tradition we have done for a few years now,
 the photo's below are of the first year we did it,
I think Liam was five or six.

I cut out lots of red hearts out (big enough to write something on them)
I leave the stack on the landing with a pen.
Then when Liam is going to bed he writes something he loves about me on a heart and sticks it to my door.
Then when I go to bed I write something I love about him and put it on his door.

The messages are so sweet....

I popped some of them into a memory box, and saved the others in the back of the frame.

"I love you because you helped me do the x wing" so cute!

 sweet Valentines ideas....

This made us think about all the good times we have!!!

you could also use the printable Valentines post it note idea on my blog.

Have fun with your family!!!

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