Sunday, 27 February 2011


We have had some of Liam's friends around this afternoon
and as the weather is so wet  we couldn't go out as planned...

 So we have had a Simpson's movie night (afternoon but who cares).

The pig cookies, pig sweeties and pig tail sweeties were all from Marks and Spencer's,

bought a short while ago, but had no idea how I was going to use them.
then I noticed the Simpson's Movie in the grocery store and remembered it had "spider pig" in it. LOL

 The doh-nuts from Salisbury's,
with some clip art I found by googling "doh-nuts"

The "spider pig twisted tail" cupcakes were made from the phizzy tail sweeties,
which had  "spider pig" cupcake picks.

 Pig cookies

The adorable pig snout cups:
Liam had one in his Christmas stocking,
the other three were bought from my place of work, Trentham Garden Centre
Which all the kids loved!!!

Then they had pig sweeties / favor bags to take home.

We had a fab afternoon, it was all alittle rushed as only decided to do it at 11am this morning.
I must be mad!!!

Some of the spider pig ideas will work for a Peppa Pig Party or a Pig Birthday Party also.

Have fun with your family (and friends)!!!

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