Friday, 11 February 2011


Here are a few quotes / one liners for treat bags ideas that I haven't had time to pull together this year...
so I have put them together with pictures of what gifts you could send.

Quick and easy Valentines gifts for girls and boys and mostly healthy / non sugar ideas too.

Let me know what you think!

Don't ever change!

 Chocolate coins
Don't ever change free printable from  Here
and more.....

We Make the perfect pair!

 Valentine's socks gift

You make my heart jump a beat!

Skipping / jump rope

I'm wild about you!

Toy wild animals

I'm nuts about you!

photo from here

I am wild about you - wild animal toy

I'm sweet on you!

Bubbles Valentine

Don't burst mt bubble... be may Valnetine!

Hand over your heart - cowboy gun Valentines gift

I'm stuck on you - temporary tattoo's or stickers

I love ewe! - toy lamb

You are the right one for me! - pens / pencils

Some 'bunny' loves you!

I 'wheelie' like you! - toy car

I'm gonna 'bug' you ... until your my Valentine!
insect lore insect / bug jar and I would pop in a couple of chocolate ladybugs.

Another I 'dig' you!

Well what do you think?

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