Saturday, 10 December 2011


Oh this is SOOO cute!

Catch Santa in your own home on Christmas Eve!


Here's how you catch the Jolly man in the act...

Just before bedtime on Christmas Eve - have your kids help you set up your camera on a tripod or on a desk/counter.
Mention to your children if Santa appears the camera will automatically take his picture.
Of course, if your child still believes...this will be easy to convince them.
After the kids are sleeping, take a photo (with some present already under your tree)
 and upload it to the company's website.
Make sure to delete the camera image - just in case your child looks at the camera
(you don't want an image of your family room on the camera without Santa in the pic).
Print out the picture and show your family the next morning.
I wish my son was young enough to pull this off.
For $9.95 you're able to do 3 different pictures.
The account set-up will expire in one year - create 1 or 2 pictures this year and another for next year.
Great deal!



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