Saturday, 31 December 2011


Well it's here, the New Year and again we are opting to stay at home.

so here's what we are doing this year, a little late for you to pull together (I am sorry)
but you can do it next year!!!

I have on the table, printed copies these "hopes and dreams for 2012" cards

They are kind of a New Years resolution card
We will fill them in, pop them in an envelope and put them away with the Christmas decorations.
We will bring them out next New Years Eve to see if we made our dreams come true.
(right click on the image, save and print your own)

My New Years resolution is to post the ever increasing photo's on my blogs
(I promise!)
***photo New Years activity bags***

I have also made up bags to be opened on the hour up until midnight...
they contain activities to keep everyone busy up to the clock striking midnight...

here are whats in this years bags
 7pm - glosticks
 8pm - charades
 9pm - movie to watch and snacks
10pm - a clue card to find "The Cube" board game hidden in the house 
11pm - sing star / dance star with awards
12pm - blowers, party hats, streamers, midnight snacks
(give the 12 o'clock bag 10 minutes early to build on the excitement)

***photo midnight snacks***

here are the midnight snack tags

(again right click on the image save adjust size to suit and print. photo quality is best)

I have also downloaded this fabulous free printable New Years subway art

I absolutely detest the tacky roll out blowers,
but found it impossible to buy just the noisy parts.
So I bought the tacky ones and took the noise maker off them and made my own with glitter card.
like below

Just wanted to show you this,
if you are have friends and family over for New Year celebrations,
send out a song request card so you can download everyone's favourite music...
this is one was sent out with a wedding invitation,
I love retro cassette image!!!

If you have really small children celebrate early with them.
Remember there are televised New Year fireworks around the world
hence different time zones
and the kiddies won't know the difference.
Then the rest of the night is for the grown ups!!

Have fun with your family!!!

I wish you and your family everything you wish for yourselves!

Happy New Year!!!



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