Sunday, 22 April 2012

Ribbon Chandeliers

I love of these ribbon chandeliers...

they are so easy to make, a large embroidery hoop and assorted ribbons and string...

you can make it in any colours you like...

and these are alittle fancier but so adorable...

(birds and flowers stuck to the ribbon)
You'll find the tutorial here also

just think what you could add for Easter, Halloween, or Christmas
any birthday theme!

Hung over the party table,
from a tree, shephards crooks
or either side of the front door they are a fabulous finishing touch.




  1. These are very cool! Sooooo many ideas come to mind...thank you so much for the inspiration!

  2. Hi Ladies, I have these little obessions and just have to share them. Have fun Vonnie x

  3. gorgeous - I also love the idea, and the examples you have chosen are divine - I hope you don't mind, but I have posted a link to your blog on my facebook page -

  4. Hi Party Craft Secrets, Thank you and I don't mind at all. Now I am going to pop over to see your sight Vonnie X


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