Friday, 18 May 2012

Diamond Jubilee Swag Decoration

Here's a cheap and easy sway for your Diamond Jubilee / 4th of July celebrations...

red,white and blue easy sew swags.

For a 2metre long swag
you will need:

a red flat sheet
a white flat sheet
a navy flat sheet

  • cut each sheet into approx 30cm strips
  •  (you will get 3 from a single sheet and 6 from a double sheet)
  • sew together along the length on of each colour
  • and hem all around the outside edges
To hang just tie with ribbon in desired places to get desired drape.

*For a longer swag join each coloured strips together along the 30cm edge,
   then sew along the whole of the length of each colour for a neater finish.

For the star garland cut your felt star shapes and continuously sew them together, continue sewing on nothing to get the chain between the stars.

Enjoy The Diamond Jubilee!!!



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